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Re: [Ukfreebsd] [UkOpenBSDUsers] August meetup

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010, Owain Ainsworth wrote:


We currently have a tie,
one vote for Paddington
one for central london
Anyone else have a preference on location?

I vote paddington. Nice to have a change.

Is this now definite for tomorrow?

Also, a technical question about jails set up under ezjail: the scenario is a server running FBSD 8.0/amd64 has some jails running on it which are frequently rsync'd to a second server which acts as a failover. Apparently this used to work OK (so I'm told) but something happened to the second server and it was sent away for repair - when it came back all the disks had been replaced and there was no O/S.

FBSD 8.0 wouldn't install on the repaired server but 8.1 did and it's working OK and rsyncing the jails over from the other server. But even though ezjail has been built & installed and the ezjail.cond file copied over from the other server, executing '/usr/local/etc/ start' does nothing. The 2 questions I have are:

        1. is it OK to simply mirror jails from one server to the
           other or do I have to actually use ezjail-admin to install,
           update & create the empty jails first and then mirror them

        2. is the FBSD version mismatch likely to be an issue? I
           know I can create FBSD 8.0 jails on a 8.1 host but I'm not
           sure if this is why the jails are not starting on the
           backup server.

The jails are all under /home/jails by the way and as you can see I'm new to ezjail.


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