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Re: Kobe/Japan in October

Hi -

I'm in Kobe now, and had a look around in the area.
(Had to find out that there is not much of restaurants
and nightlife on Port Island, but it is easy to get
to downtown Kobe.)
Looking at the schedule, Tuesday (Oct 13) would be
available to meet -- I'd be available from 6pm.

> > Will stay in the "Portopia" hotel on Port Island until
> > Oct 17; for the last 2 nights I didn't book anything yet.
> Is it mean 16 and 17?

No, I've booked the hotel until Saturday the 17th, my flight
leaves on Monday the 19th.

> I'm unfamilliar with ferry services and it is sure that there is a
> ferry service from Portopia to Osaka.  But that "Osaka" means KIX
> (Kansai International Airport) and it is hard to reach Osaka-city.

Joel Rees wrote:
> Recommend the trains. Grab the Port Island monorail into Sannomiya.
> (It's one of the big stations in Kobe, less than a ten minute ride.)

Yes, I see myself now -- there is even a courtesy shuttle from
the hotel to Sannomiya. And if everything fails, it is not much
more than half an hour to walk.

> At Sannomiya, you have your choice of three train lines that each
> have a frequent expresses to Osaka, less than an hour, very easy
> transfer to the city subway or the JR loop line.

It seems that I can easily get to Osaka, either Tuesday or
next weekend.

best regards

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