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Re: Froscon: we have a booth and we have a devroom!!!

At 08:27 AM 5/21/2013, Jens Rehsack wrote:
>> Jens was not added yet as a participant at the booth and the devroom, so
>> I added him with edit privileges.
>That is because Jens officially participates the NetBSD booth ;)
>Daniel registered me there and (IIRC) he marks for FrOSCon orga
>to place the NetBSD booth and the Perl booth close together.
>So Perl forks - NetBSD is where the other daemons live, and Perl
>is near all those daemons, too.

I should have remembered that, sorry. But for the time being, you are still included... :-)

>Wendy - do you have a nice domain name we can use for PR for
>the daemon / perl joint venture :)

Proably. I can register domains easily via Gandhi, our international provider. But I do not plan to make a website for this. My website making days are really over.

>> 2.  How soon should we start asking around who wants to give presentations.
>As soon as possible - probably people need some time to prepare,
>at least when they want to demonsztrate something.

I hurray-ed too soon...  we have to wait for the real OK from the orgas.

>> 3. What do you think of the texts that are written now in the
>> descriptions for both the booth and the devroom?  I think they can be
>> changed a bit, but generally they are not bad.
>> 4. What type of presentations do we want, high tech level or newbie
>> level or a mix.  Maybe include some beginners' turorials.

>I would mix it and make threads (Saturday/Sunday morning/afternood).

Nice suggestion.

>I will stay at the NetBSD booth most of the time (seems that not so
>many NetBSD people are on FrOSCon as Perl people) ... except the
>time slots where I have to do my presentations.

Of course.

>> 7. Are we going to video the presentations?  Liz and I don't have the
>> right type of camera for that.  Maybe other people do. Liz and I could
>> buy a good one, any recommendations?  And then what, put them on
>> Youtube?  I did not even do that with the Fosdem videos...

>Last years FrOSCon has an own server for their videos. Maybe you
>should discuss that with the orga team ...

Yep, that's a possibility. Remains the work of having a good camera, editing the videos for beginning and end, etc.

>> 8. Any recommendations for a dinner?  The conference is 24 & 25 August.
>> We can have a welcome dinner for the participants / speakers /
>> volunteers on Friday the 23rd.  We can have a "Perl is great" dinner on
>> Saturday 24th, where everybody who visits the devroom and the booth is
>> welcome for a certain fee (?15 to get in, hope for sponsors to fill the
>> gap).
>I think you have a very wrong picture of St. Augustin.
>Saturday evening they have a beer social event.

I am absolutely sure I have a very wrong picture of Froscon and St. Augustin... :-)
That's why I asked.


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