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Re: Froscon: we have a booth and we have a devroom!!!

On 20.05.13 22:27, WvD wrote:
Hi all,

I just got a message from the Froscon-team: we got our Perl-booth and
our Perl-devroom at Froscon this year!  Yeah cool wow!

So I just activated our project.  I think we have to change some wording
at the booth project-page and the devroom project-page.

Jens was not added yet as a participant at the booth and the devroom, so
I added him with edit privileges.

That is because Jens officially participates the NetBSD booth ;)
Daniel registered me there and (IIRC) he marks for FrOSCon orga
to place the NetBSD booth and the Perl booth close together.
So Perl forks - NetBSD is where the other daemons live, and Perl
is near all those daemons, too.

Wendy - do you have a nice domain name we can use for PR for
the daemon / perl joint venture :)

Getty, you are not having edit priviliges yet, you want to particpate?

OK, now calm down, Wendy...   Wait for reactions.  Hope for a lot of

Things we have to discuss:
1. Do we want the devroom both days or just one day?  I think both days
would be nice, I think we could fill them both with presentations.

I'm sure we can.

2.  How soon should we start asking around who wants to give presentations.

As soon as possible - probably people need some time to prepare,
at least when they want to demonsztrate something.

3. What do you think of the texts that are written now in the
descriptions for both the booth and the devroom?  I think they can be
changed a bit, but generally they are not bad.
4. What type of presentations do we want, high tech level or newbie
level or a mix.  Maybe include some beginners' turorials.

I would mix it and make threads (Saturday/Sunday morning/afternood).

5. Shall we do it Fosdem style (ask well-know speakers to come over with
personal invitations and hope we can fill the program with them), or do
we go to mailinglists, IRC, Facebook, Twitter (and place our trust in
the general Perl community to come forward with good presentations).
6. Who will do what.  I assume I will be at the booth most of the time.
I assume Liz will be at the devroom most of the time.  Other people,
your preferences?

I will stay at the NetBSD booth most of the time (seems that not so
many NetBSD people are on FrOSCon as Perl people) ... except the
time slots where I have to do my presentations.

7. Are we going to video the presentations?  Liz and I don't have the
right type of camera for that.  Maybe other people do. Liz and I could
buy a good one, any recommendations?  And then what, put them on
Youtube?  I did not even do that with the Fosdem videos...

Last years FrOSCon has an own server for their videos. Maybe you
should discuss that with the orga team ...

8. Any recommendations for a dinner?  The conference is 24 & 25 August.
We can have a welcome dinner for the participants / speakers /
volunteers on Friday the 23rd.  We can have a "Perl is great" dinner on
Saturday 24th, where everybody who visits the devroom and the booth is
welcome for a certain fee (€15 to get in, hope for sponsors to fill the

I think you have a very wrong picture of St. Augustin.
Saturday evening they have a beer social event.

9. I have never been to Sankt Augustin.  Can it be reached by train /
car / bus / airplane easily?  Hotels?  Restaurants?  Bars?

Pfff....  OK, Froscon, here we come...




Hi Wendy G.A. van Dijk,

You were registered with the FrOSCon-Projects interface as a participant
of Perl.

Your username is wendy.

If you want to correct your name information or view the status of your
project, you
need to activate your account and set a password. Otherwise, you can
just ignore
this email. If your project is accepted, we will print your FrOSCon
ticket with
the above mentioned information.

Please use the following link to activate your account:

Best Regards,

Your FrOSCon-Team

Jens Rehsack

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