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Re: Problems booting NetBSD/Xen on Intel NUC 12 Extreme w/ i9-12900

Johan Stenstam <johani%johani.org@localhost> writes:

> 2. How important is it to keep in exact sync between xenkernelNNN and
> xentoolsMMM? I.e. assuming I get past the current crash and get a
> running system with xenkernel415, is it imperative that I find a
> xentools415 to go with it or would xentools413 be sufficient?

I built xentools415 on March 14, as part of testing what was to become
2023Q1.  The host was netbsd-10 (so 10_BETA). I would recommend testing
with 10 rather than 9 for a new system.

> 3. When trying 10_BETA + xenkernel415 I notice that the distribution
> doesn’t include the kernel modules,
> i.e. /stand/amd64-xen/10.0/modules/ is empty. It seems that there is
> no difference in the .kmods between GENERIC and XEN_DOM0 systems, so I
> just copied them over. But it surprises me as one of the things that
> will be much improved with NetBSD 10 is Xen performance, so why then
> isn’t the distribution kit complete?

It's a bug that you need separate  modules, and my understanding is that
as of 10, you don't.

> 4. What should I try next to get this running?

The suggestion you received about more RAM is a good one.

There is surely a way to get debugging.  Adding -d to the NetBSD boot
might help.  It might be possible to use kgdb on serial.

I will be updating my box and will try 4.15, but it's a 2012ish

You are asking in the right place

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