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Re: false alarm! (xen-4.5 and NetBSD/amd64-7.99.5 can't start netbsd-5-XEN3PAE_DOMU)

On Wed, 22 Apr 2015, Greg A. Woods wrote:
It is definitely a problem with the XEN3PAE_DOMU kernel I built, though
there is also an issue with trying to give it too much memory.

Initially I tried the stock kernel with 'memory = 4000', but the domU
failed to start.  However after I changed this to 'maxmem = 2000'
everything worked.  Seems like the "PAE" part isn't quite doing its part :-)

I'd have thought 4000 would work, but I found that memory availabile in the domU was actually memory%4096, i.e. if you give it 4096 it won't boot as it ends up with zero RAM and 5120 gives you 1024MB.

Forgot to report that as a bug...


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