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Re: xen-4.5 and NetBSD/amd64-7.99.5 can't start netbsd-5-XEN3PAE_DOMU

"Greg A. Woods" <woods%planix.ca@localhost> writes:

> So, I've been running a couple of Dell PE2950's with xen-4.5 and
> NetBSD/amd64-7.99.5 dom0+domUs, and NetBSD/amd64-5.x domUs, so far quite
> happily since the end of February.
> Today I tried to start a NetBSD/i386-5.x domU with the INSTALL_XEN3PAE
> kernel.  This failed badly, but not fatally, causing Xen to go into a
> loop trying to re-start the new domain after each time it crashed.
> (presumably because the config specifies on_crash="coredump-restart",
> which I guess isn't so wise a default to use when first testing
> something!)

It works on earlier versions and this is news to me, so yes this is a
bug, unless Xen upstream withdrew support and it's a doc bug.

It would be helpful to figure out the envelope of what doesn't work.
i386-{6,7,current} might work, Xen 4.2 probably does, and a -6 or -7
dom0 might.  I know a xen 4.2 dom0 netbsd-5 system is fine.

It would help too if your report were a minimal example, and could be
made to work by changing to amd64.  gson@ has produced test cases that
install netbsd in qemu, install the xen pkgs, and then install a domU
and run the tests in the domU.  See
for an example reproduction script.

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