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Re: xen-4.5 and NetBSD/amd64-7.99.5 can't start netbsd-5-XEN3PAE_DOMU

At Wed, 22 Apr 2015 08:36:07 -0400, Greg Troxel <gdt%ir.bbn.com@localhost> wrote:
Subject: Re: xen-4.5 and NetBSD/amd64-7.99.5 can't start netbsd-5-XEN3PAE_DOMU
> It works on earlier versions and this is news to me, so yes this is a
> bug, unless Xen upstream withdrew support and it's a doc bug.

I thought it should work, and I've been somewhat depending on it working
so that I can support one old i386 machine that I have running.  Without
an i386 VM on my Xen server I'd have to resort to building them in a
VirtualBox VM on my desktop machine, or maybe on my tiny little Soekris
system.  :-)

This page suggests a 32-bit kernel should even work for dom0:


The other two domUs on that server are netbsd-5.2_stable/amd64, built
from the same source tree as the XEN3PAE_DOMU kernel was built.

After I reboot the whole server I will try booting a XEN3PAE kernel from
the official NetBSD builds, and possibly try with less guest memory too.
(and definitely take out the "on_crash=coredump-restart" setting!!!)

One similar looking crash is mentioned here:


Another similar crash I can find mentioned online is:


I had done sort of the same thing and tried booting the non-PAE kernel
first, and was greeted by the same "Invalid kernel" message, but when I
finally read the whole message carefully I saw the part that said
"xc_dom_find_arch_hooks: not found (type xen-3.0-x86_32)" and clued in
to the fact that it might be the x86_32 part it was complaining about,
This is slightly less friendly than the one in the linked message above:

    guest type xen-3.0-x86_32 not supported by xen kernel, sorry: Invalid kernel

I did find something yesterday hinting of some 32-bit support problem in
xen-4.5, but I stupidly didn't keep the URL and now I can't find it
again.  I'm pretty sure it was on the xen-devel mailing list though.

						Greg A. Woods
						Planix, Inc.

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