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Re: xen howto partially spiffed up

On Dec 23,  8:30pm, Greg Troxel wrote:
} I have done a fairly heavy-handed editing pass through the Xen howto
} (now on the wiki).  I have marked the old xml howto in htdocs
} deprecated.
} The rewrite adds a section on which versions one should use, and is
} mostly done through the dom0 install.
} I have demoted grub to a separate page, as I think there is no reason to
} use grub any more.  Please speak up if you think there is justification
} to explain grub.

     There hasn't been any reason to use grub for quite a few years.

} Thanks to all who have sent me hints.  (I'm trying to make sure i
} incorporate all of the information; if you don't see what you sent, it's
} probably because your email is still in my INBOX.)
} I intend to keep going on this, following the structure I have in mind.
} If you find something that seems off or have a question that's not
} answered, please mail me.  If you see something that just needs fixing,
} of course feel free to fix or tell me.   If you don't like the new flow,
} please speak up - I have a hard time understanding how someone who
} doesn't already know all this will read it, having done NetBSD/Xen since
} around 2005.
} Things I am unclear on:
}   PCI passthrough works on 3.1.  What about 3.3, 4.1, and 4.2?
}   xl is in theory optional in 4.1, but xendomains uses it.  So you have

     I believe the theory is rather loose and that it isn't expected
to work that well on 4.1 with NetBSD.

}   to edit xendomains, or it's not optional.  If I'm not confused, I'll
}   just explain that.
}   I hear that the work to make the dom0 do SMP isn't that hard (more
}   locking is needed in some drivers), but also that it hasn't happened,
}   even in current.
} Things I still need to add:
}   DOM0/GENERIC differences can exist (DRMKMS?)
}   update domU config files for the 4.2 world
}   address the magic 0x1 in the vnd section better
} I would appreciate a simple example 4.2 config file, with one bridged if
} and one file-backed vnd.

     I use the same config files that I used with 4.1.

}-- End of excerpt from Greg Troxel

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