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xen howto partially spiffed up

I have done a fairly heavy-handed editing pass through the Xen howto
(now on the wiki).  I have marked the old xml howto in htdocs

The rewrite adds a section on which versions one should use, and is
mostly done through the dom0 install.

I have demoted grub to a separate page, as I think there is no reason to
use grub any more.  Please speak up if you think there is justification
to explain grub.

Thanks to all who have sent me hints.  (I'm trying to make sure i
incorporate all of the information; if you don't see what you sent, it's
probably because your email is still in my INBOX.)

I intend to keep going on this, following the structure I have in mind.
If you find something that seems off or have a question that's not
answered, please mail me.  If you see something that just needs fixing,
of course feel free to fix or tell me.   If you don't like the new flow,
please speak up - I have a hard time understanding how someone who
doesn't already know all this will read it, having done NetBSD/Xen since
around 2005.

Things I am unclear on:

  PCI passthrough works on 3.1.  What about 3.3, 4.1, and 4.2?

  xl is in theory optional in 4.1, but xendomains uses it.  So you have
  to edit xendomains, or it's not optional.  If I'm not confused, I'll
  just explain that.

  I hear that the work to make the dom0 do SMP isn't that hard (more
  locking is needed in some drivers), but also that it hasn't happened,
  even in current.

Things I still need to add:

  DOM0/GENERIC differences can exist (DRMKMS?)

  update domU config files for the 4.2 world

  address the magic 0x1 in the vnd section better

I would appreciate a simple example 4.2 config file, with one bridged if
and one file-backed vnd.

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