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Re: Reboot on *DOM0* while/after installing GPLPV drivers

On 10/16/13 22:43, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 02:46:25PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>> Not much unfortunably. This would mean that pap is not NULL but invalid.
>> As the stack is trashed, we don't know where this comes from (and
>> maybe it's a consequence of the stack being trashed ealier).
>> Or maybe it's a stack overflow, but then again it's hard to know where this
>> comes from ...
> OK, I can reproduce the issue with both xen 4.1 and xen 4.2 on NetBSD 6.1.2
> (with win2003).
> No problems with the same Xen and recent netbsd-5.
> Now that I can reproduce it it'll be easier to debug.

Thanks for following up on this!

I hope netbsd keeps getting some love on what matters to Xen support,
its sad that some times things are done targeting Linux and without much
regard for the right way to do it...

I see this with xl for example, but I hope that people like you keep
trying to improve things on NetBSD, even with some more features in
Linux I steel feel like thinks are simple done better on unix and in
this case NetBSD, so  would prefer to keep using NetBSD for Dom0.

Anyway, now its me getting out of the subject :)

Thanks for you're time!

Melhores Cumprimentos // Best Regards
Miguel Clara
*nix Sys Admin Freelance

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