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Re: NetBSD support in pygrub

On 9/4/13 3:13 AM, Christoph Egger wrote:
On 04.09.13 11:56, Stephen Borrill wrote:
On Wed, 4 Sep 2013, Christoph Egger wrote:
I patched tools/pygrub and tools/libfsimage to support NetBSD and FFSv2,
see attachment for a git diff against xen.
thank you for doing this great work.
Could changes to pygrub be fed upstream? Citrix XenServer uses it to
boot PV guests and having FFSv2 support there would be very useful
especially when doing a p2v.
Sure. I would like to see feedback from people familiar with FFSv2
before going to xen-devel.


I have not (yet) had a chance to look at this patch, and I am not as familiar with FFS as I'd like to be - but does anyone know if the FFSv1 blocksize issues with pygrub have been addressed? If we're feeding stuff upstream, this would be a good add.

The issue I'm referring to is that FFSv1 support in pygrub does not work with blocks over a certain size (8k?) - this is a flaw which I believe was inherited from grub.


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