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Re: NetBSD support in pygrub


thank you for doing this great work.
I am adding people familiar with FFSv2 to CC to have a look into this.


On 02.09.13 15:21, M. Boerschig wrote:
> Hi,
> I patched tools/pygrub and tools/libfsimage to support NetBSD and FFSv2,
> see attachment for a git diff against xen.
> It doesn't provide a fancy GUI, but it provides minimal support for the
> /boot.cfg file to retrieve the kernel and arguments.
> I use it with xen-unstable and the xl toolstack, and "it works for me"
> with netbsd-current and a ufs2 root filesystem.
> There's just one minor nuisance (well, besides the code being rather
> hackish) after pygrub finishes: I have to manually send a Control+] to
> the VM console to force the boot to continue.
> I'm not sure if this is a problem with my xen-unstable installation or
> something I broke ...
> Any feedback or pointers on how to resolve the console/boot issue would
> be welcome.

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