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Re: Xen 4.2 added to pkgsrc

In Message <201306172336.r5HNasdk012439%server.cornerstoneservice.ca@localhost>,
   John Nemeth <jnemeth%cue.bc.ca@localhost>wrote:

=>     How difficult was it to install Arch Linux into a PV DOMU with
=>a NetBSD DOM0?  And, how compatible is it with the major distributions?
=>Not that long ago, I installed Fedora into a PV DOMU, and it was
=>a major pain in the neck.  My research at the time showed that it
=>was one of very few options.

   It wasn't bad at all, actually. I pretty much just followed the
directions at:


Between that and the NetBSD Xen HOWTO it came together fairly easily.
Of course, knowing your way around Linux command-line partitioning
tools and such would help, but I figure most BSD folks can pick that
up no problem. :-)

   I'm not sure about "compatible". It has its own package manager,
pacman, which seems to have a decent selection of stuff available.
The default install is quite minimal, as they come out of the
embedded world, but I'm running an XFCE environment and not missing
anything from my Fedora XFCE environment so far. (Though to be
honest I haven't pushed it much yet.)

=>} old Windows XP laptop image sitting around somewhere, so I may try
=>} running that in a HVM at some point, just to see if it will work. I'm
=>} open to trying something else if it would be helpful.
=>     That would be helpful.

   I found the image and I'm copying it over to the DOM0 now. If
this keeps up I'll need more space on this box sooner then I thought.

=>}    For now I'm doing disk images on files, but at some point I expect I'll
=>} pick up a drive or two, run LVM on them, and switch to using LVs. I'm
=>} already using the LVM within my NetBSD/current VM, and it seems to work
=>} ok.
=>     That would also be helpful.  As many experiences as possible
=>to demonstrate all the various features as working would be good.

   We'll see how the budget looks.

                                        Gary Duzan

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