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How to setup Jumbo Frames? NetBSD Dom0 and FreeBSD XENHVM


First, sorry if I'm asking something basic.

I have a re1 interface that supports jumbo frames (MTU up to 7422), the
card is set up correct, however I need a bridge for xen!

When I try to change the bridge mtu settings:
# ifconfig bridge0 mtu 7422
ifconfig: SIOCSIFMTU: Network dropped connection on reset

However ifconfig shows the mtu at 7422:
# ifconfig bridge0                                                        
bridge0: flags=0 mtu 7422

And the biggest problem comes when I try t start a domu... if the
bridge0 interface has a mtu different than 1500 I can't start the domu,
because the virtual interface creation fails with:

brconfig: add xvif5i0: Invalid argument

On the domu I can manually change the mtu.... to 7422 or even to 9000,
but this means not all interfaces have the proper mtu and so I will have
no benefit at all!

What am I doing wrong?


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