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Re: Xen 4.2 added to pkgsrc

On Jun 17,  2:37pm, gary%duzan.org@localhost wrote:
} => On Jun 17,  6:27am, "Gary Duzan" wrote:
} =>
} => }
} => }    Thanks for all the efforts on this. I'm now running a NetBSD/amd64
} => } 6.1 DOM0 with NetBSD/amd64 current and Arch Linux x86_64 DOMUs,
} => } and everything seems stable.
} =>
} =>      For each of the DOMUs, are they PV or HVM?
}    Sorry, meant to mention that: both PV. I started the Linux setup during
} the brief window when HVM on Xen 4.2 wasn't working, so I picked a
} Linux distribution which supported a pure PV installation. I have an

     How difficult was it to install Arch Linux into a PV DOMU with
a NetBSD DOM0?  And, how compatible is it with the major distributions?
Not that long ago, I installed Fedora into a PV DOMU, and it was
a major pain in the neck.  My research at the time showed that it
was one of very few options.

} old Windows XP laptop image sitting around somewhere, so I may try
} running that in a HVM at some point, just to see if it will work. I'm
} open to trying something else if it would be helpful.

     That would be helpful.

}    For now I'm doing disk images on files, but at some point I expect I'll
} pick up a drive or two, run LVM on them, and switch to using LVs. I'm
} already using the LVM within my NetBSD/current VM, and it seems to work
} ok.

     That would also be helpful.  As many experiences as possible
to demonstrate all the various features as working would be good.

}-- End of excerpt from gary%duzan.org@localhost

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