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Re: Xen 4.2 added to pkgsrc

=> On Jun 17,  6:27am, "Gary Duzan" wrote:
=> }
=> }    Thanks for all the efforts on this. I'm now running a NetBSD/amd64
=> } 6.1 DOM0 with NetBSD/amd64 current and Arch Linux x86_64 DOMUs,
=> } and everything seems stable.
=>      For each of the DOMUs, are they PV or HVM?

   Sorry, meant to mention that: both PV. I started the Linux setup during
the brief window when HVW on Xen 4.2 wasn't working, so I picked a
Linux distribution which supported a pure PV installation. I have an
old Windows XP laptop image sitting around somewhere, so I may try
running that in a HVM at some point, just to see if it will work. I'm
open to trying something else if it would be helpful.

   For now I'm doing disk images on files, but at some point I expect I'll
pick up a drive or two, run LVM on them, and switch to using LVs. I'm
already using the LVM within my NetBSD/current VM, and it seems to work

                                   Gary Duzan

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