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Re: NetBSD xencommons not starting on boot

On 10/05/13 04:15, Toby Karyadi wrote:
> On 5/9/13 5:14 AM, Miguel Clara wrote:
>> This is xen 4.2... xend is not needed unless I wanted to use xm... I 
>> commented
>> that line btw!
>> I solved it the lazy way for now  with a symlink so both locations work, but 
>> I
>> would like to understand what is wrong.
>> Thanks for the feedback.
>> Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
> Understood and I didn't explain it well. Instead of having a line in 
> /etc/rc.conf that says xend=YES, what you can also do is to have file 
> named xencommons under /etc/rc.conf.d that contains the line xend=YES. 
> See /etc/rc.subr:load_rc_config() for why this works. Granted that you 
> don't want xend to turn be turned on, but if you do, you can have 
> another file named xend under /etc/rc.conf.d that contains the line 
> xend=YES. I find this a bit gnarly and I'm not sure why it was done that 
> way, but maybe it was to reduce surprises with missing a new setting 
> when moving from xen 3.3, who knows.
> Alternatively, if you want the name of the knob to be xencommons, you 
> can change the xencommons rc.d script so that rcvar=xencommons or 
> rcvar=$name.
> Onto the issue of getting differing ${DIR} during boot vs when invoked 
> manually (e.g. /etc/rc.d/xencommons start), that's because /etc/rc 
> basically just sources each file in /etc/rc.d during boot, in which case 
> $0 in xencommons is actually /etc/rc and so $(dirname $0) is /etc. So, 
> that's a bug in the way xencommons is trying to include 
> xen-hotplugpath.sh. In the meantime your workaround obviously is fine.
> I'm pleasantly surprised that xen 4.2 seems to work without too much 
> fuss on netbsd even when compiled from source. Does support for file 
> based/vnd based disk work?

AFAIK it should work without problems.

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