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Re: NetBSD xencommons not starting on boot

Hmm, yes, you'd think that the name of the knob is xencommons, but instead it's xend. So it's supposed to be: xend=YES. See if that improves anything. If you look at the xencommons rc script, it wants the rcvar to be 'xend'. I don't know if that will improve anything related to the xen-hotplugpath.sh path.


On 5/8/13 8:35 PM, Miguel Clara wrote:
I noticed that after settings xencommons=YES on rc.conf the daemon
wasn't starting!

I looked at /var/run/rc.log and found this:

running /etc/rc.d/xencommons]
.: Can't open /etc/xen-hotplugpath.sh
/etc/rc.d/xencommons exited with code 2
[running /etc/rc.d/xend]
.: Can't open /etc/xen-hotplugpath.sh
/etc/rc.d/xend exited with code 2
[running /etc/rc.d/xen-watchdog]
.: Can't open /etc/xen-hotplugpath.sh
/etc/rc.d/xen-watchdog exited with code 2
[running /etc/rc.d/xen-hotplugpath.sh]

I had it on /etc/rc.d .... because xencommons has this lines:
DIR=$(dirname "$0")
. "${DIR}/xen-hotplugpath.sh"

In any case just for testing I move xen-hotplugpath.sh to /etc/xen...
and run /etc/rc.d/xencommons start and now I get:
# /etc/rc.d/xencommons start
.: Can't open /etc/rc.d/xen-hotplugpath.sh

What could be the reason for "dirname" to get a different result while
booting and after I'm logged in?

NOTE: Running netbsd 6.0.1, xen 4.2 compiled from source

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