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Re: new system configuration advice wanted

Hugo Silva <hugo%barafranca.com@localhost> writes:

> If you want to go classy, you could have smaller disks (maybe SSD?) in
> raid-1 for the system, and larger disks also in raid-1 for your VMs.

You could, but I wonder if that actually helps much.  The dom0 typically
doesn't do much except network and disk on behalf of domUs.

> Something I do often is reserving a few GBs of non-raided space in the
> disks, which I then allocate to swap (raid-1 swap is wasteful)

I think swap should be RAID.   It's not about getting your data back,
but about turning a disk failure from something that stops the system to
something to be dealt with at your earliest convenience.

> I usually keep my dom0 memory requirements pretty low (<= 4GB), and as
> for CPUs remember the NetBSD dom0 is not SMP-capable yet.

4 GB sounds huge for a dom0 memory allocation.  On on handy dom0, there
is 8GB physical.  The dom0 is 256 MB, and domUs are 1024, 192, 192, 512,
1024.  But it all depends on what the system has to do.

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