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Re: new system configuration advice wanted

On 01/10/13 15:21, Greg Troxel wrote:
> But seriously, my guess is that usually you run out of RAM first.

My experience supports this too.

> So I would lean to
> amd64 motherboard, with lots of cores as much RAM as you can
> manage, maybe 32G dual 2T disks, in raid1 via raidframe on the
> dom0

If you want to go classy, you could have smaller disks (maybe SSD?) in
raid-1 for the system, and larger disks also in raid-1 for your VMs.

Something I do often is reserving a few GBs of non-raided space in the
disks, which I then allocate to swap (raid-1 swap is wasteful)

I strongly recommend you use lvm for your storage management needs, it
works pretty well and is quite flexible.

> I advise making a list of the domUs that you are going to run, and
> their disk/ram requirements, and make sure the dom0 hw is at least
> 3x all of that to start.

I usually keep my dom0 memory requirements pretty low (<= 4GB), and as
for CPUs remember the NetBSD dom0 is not SMP-capable yet.



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