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Re: new system configuration advice wanted

steve%prd.co.uk@localhost (Steve Blinkhorn) writes:

> I am contemplating configuring a box from scratch to run Xen with
> NetBSD and Windows guests.
> Apart from hardware virtualisation support, which I take to be
> essential, are there other processor features which are particularly
> [dis]advantageous - number of cores, amounts of cache etc.?
> Any other advice, known gotchas etc. that would be useful to someone
> with long experience in the *nix world, but new to Xen?

It really depends on what resource you are going to run out of :-)

But seriously, my guess is that usually you run out of RAM first.
So I would lean to

  amd64 motherboard, with lots of cores
  as much RAM as you can manage, maybe 32G
  dual 2T disks, in raid1 via raidframe on the dom0

I then use files on dom0 via vnd, but others have reported good results
with lvm, so I would be tempted to learn that.  Raw partitions are too
annoying because at least my world changes.

I advise making a list of the domUs that you are going to run, and their
disk/ram requirements, and make sure the dom0 hw is at least 3x all of
that to start.

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