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xen daemon situation

I find myself falling further down the xen rabbit hole and am still a
bit confused as to what xen-related daemons are necessary under what

I seem to only be able to get things working with (o)xenstored, xend,
xenconsoled, and xenbackendd running, even when only using xl.

my understanding is that xend and xenbackendd are deprecated and if I'm
only using xl, I should only need (o)xenstored and xenconsoled running.
is this correct?

if I don't run xend, my dom0 name shows up as (null) instead of
Domain-0, and if I don't run xenbackendd, devices don't get attached to
the back end in the dom0, even if I create domUs with xl.  is this
something send-PR-worthy?

what does xenwatchdogd do, anyway?  I can't seem to find any
documentation on it, and asking takes less of my time than crawling
through the source code...  :)

  Aaron J. Grier | "Not your ordinary poofy goof." | 

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