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Re: Question about serial ports, sound cards and HVM support

        Hello.  Thanks for the response.  Yes, I got the serial port working
no problem with xen3.3.  Turned out my problem was that I didn't hav a 
/dev/tap device in the dom0 root filesystem.  Now, I'd like to know about
the sound card.  I got someone asking about using ESD or something like
that, but the problem is that I need an emulated sound card, as I'd like to
get Windows to make the sounds, not an opensource OS.

On Sep 25, 10:38pm, dieter roelants wrote:
} I am using this with xentools 4.1 for a (linux) hvm system, but I'm
} almost certain I had it working with xentools 3.3 as well. I didn't
} have to do anything special to make this work...
} kind regards
} dieter
>-- End of excerpt from dieter roelants

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