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agr(4) + bridge(4): problems!

Recently I was troubleshooting network issues with a new NetBSD 6.0/Xen 4.1 installation. The symptoms were that the domU was unable to resolve any names, or ping any host on the LAN (by IP address)

Further troubleshooting revealed that not even ARP was working.

On the host system, ifconfig.agr0 looks like:

agrport wm1
agrport wm4
inet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx netmask

Notice the link1 flag, which according to the manpage

link1 Disable LACP. Prevents any LACP or Marker messaging which leaves the ports in the default static configuration. Set this prior to
             adding ports.

I ran some tests and with the link1 flag, downing one agrport would indeed not murder my ssh connection to the dom0. So everything appeared to be working fine, until I got to the VM network configuration stage.

An interesting symptom is that when a NetBSD PV domU is booting up, the ipv6 code detects a duplicate on the network (itself), while on the host brconfig output, the VM MAC appears twice.

I am wondering whether this should be expected or not. I suspect it's a bug?

I also wonder whether it's related to the use of the link1 flag. Presently I still don't have the new switches, where I do plan to setup lacp correctly. But that wouldn't solve the problem entirely as there will be other machines connected to other switches which do not and won't have any lacp configured.

I guess I could fall back to not using agr, but having the extra nics it would be cool to set it up like this!



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