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Re: Question about serial ports, sound cards and HVM support

On Sun, 23 Sep 2012 23:54:52 -0700
buhrow%lothlorien.nfbcal.org@localhost (Brian Buhrow) wrote:

>       hello.  I'm running a system with xen3.3 on top of NetBSD-5.1.  The
> system has been very stable, and I've successfully run NetBSD/i386/32 and
> Linux/amd64 as domu's under the system.  I am now interested in running
> some hvm domu's, and I have questions:
> 1.  I know the qemu engine, which I believe is used to provide the hvm
> hardware emulation, supports emulation of the com0 (com1 in DOS parlents)
> serial port. I saw a
> document that says I can put something like:
> serial = 'pty'
> in a domu configuration file for an hvm domu, and then xm console should
> hook me up with the emulated com0 port in the hvm domain.  When I tried
> this, I got the message that there was no pty data available.  Is this
> known to work or not work as the case may be under NetBSD?  If not, does it
> work with newer versions of the Xen tools?  If not, is it known what's
> required to make it work?

I am using this with xentools 4.1 for a (linux) hvm system, but I'm
almost certain I had it working with xentools 3.3 as well. I didn't
have to do anything special to make this work...

kind regards

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