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Question about serial ports, sound cards and HVM support

        hello.  I'm running a system with xen3.3 on top of NetBSD-5.1.  The
system has been very stable, and I've successfully run NetBSD/i386/32 and
Linux/amd64 as domu's under the system.  I am now interested in running
some hvm domu's, and I have questions:

1.  I know the qemu engine, which I believe is used to provide the hvm
hardware emulation, supports emulation of the com0 (com1 in DOS parlents)
serial port. I saw a
document that says I can put something like:
serial = 'pty'
in a domu configuration file for an hvm domu, and then xm console should
hook me up with the emulated com0 port in the hvm domain.  When I tried
this, I got the message that there was no pty data available.  Is this
known to work or not work as the case may be under NetBSD?  If not, does it
work with newer versions of the Xen tools?  If not, is it known what's
required to make it work?

2.  In a similar vane, is it possible to get sounds out of domu's?  If so,
how is it done?

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