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Re: NetBSD & Xen 4 - where are we ?

On 05/29/12 14:41, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

Why do you think xl is better than xm ?

It's not about being better, but because it seems that xm is meant to be deprecated, and when the time comes it wouldn't be wise to hurry things up (find ourselves in a state where xl is the way forward and doesn't work on NetBSD and at the same time xm is a "thing of the past" and not supported anymore).

However, according to what you wrote below, that shouldn't become a problem. I don't see any issue with using xm with 4.1 and the new xl when the time for 4.2 comes.

What is preventing xl from working properly now ?

Lots of code. It looks like it has been developed on linux without
portability in mind. There is work going on in xen unstable on this
topic, and it should work in xen 4.2, but I don't think it's worth
backporting to 4.1.



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