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Re: NetBSD & Xen 4 - where are we ?

On 05/25/12 09:05, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
I've not tried lvm, but Xen 4.1.2 + xm + file: works fine. I guess
lvm would work as well if it works with xen 3.x. xl doesn't work yet.

This is something that I think is important to make sure is working before the release. Right now I don't have the time to do the testing myself, as I'm leaving for a couple of weeks in a few days.

Is the domU SMP code ready for use ? (according to the NetBSD/Xen
page yes, but do tell about your personal experience!)

I have a SMP domU with 4 nodes, which I use to run anita tests,
and some NetBSD builds. I've not had a single panic at this time.

Excellent! I'm looking to replace a lot of services running on FreeBSD for my next projects (while hvm+pv works, I find it to be way slower than expected) and SMP support for the domU is crucial for the expected workload.

For upcoming projects, there is SMP dom0, a working xl (this will
likely be in Xen 4.2, not with 4.1).

What is preventing xl from working properly now ?



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