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linux dom0 versus NetBSD dom0

        Hello.  I realize the subject of this message could be viewed  as
inflamatory, but I hope people won't take it that way.

        As part of my day job, we're looking at implementing a large Xen
installation.  We are a long time NetBSD shop, but for this project, we're
trying to evaluate the pros and cons of selecting Linux versus NetBSD as
the platform on which to build the core of our infrastructure.  As part of
that process, I have the following questions for this group:

1.  Does anyone have i/o bench marks comparing network and disk throughput
when using Linux versus NetBSD as Dom0? 

2.  We know we can use the xbd driver
to provide virtual disks in NetBSD, but are other storage technologies
mature in the NetBSD environment?  I'm thinking aboutthings like ISCSI,
NFS, or other network storage technologies.

3.  How far behind is NetBSD in the general Xen  development cycle?  In
looking at the http://www.xen.org web page, it looks like Xen-4.x is the
current release of Xen.  Will this be the  Xen release built into NetBSD-6?
Are there particular features that work or don't workin NetBSD versus

4.  Are there folks who have experience running Xen with NetBSD and Linux
who would care to comment on their experience with each?


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