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Re: linux dom0 versus NetBSD dom0

  1.  Does anyone have i/o bench marks comparing network and disk throughput
  when using Linux versus NetBSD as Dom0? 

I don't have any real benchmarks, but with NetBSD as dom0 and domU I've
observed < 10% loss in dd rate of xbd0d compared to dd from the file in
the dom0, and another < 10% loss from dd from that file compared to dd
From the raw disk.

  2.  We know we can use the xbd driver
  to provide virtual disks in NetBSD, but are other storage technologies
  mature in the NetBSD environment?  I'm thinking aboutthings like ISCSI,
  NFS, or other network storage technologies.

I use files in the domU filesystem (RAID1 raidframe on local sata), and
that has been both satisfactory and solid.  Using NFS seems scary (not
about NetBSD - just putting NFS in the path from an OS to what it thinks
is a disk).

My understanding is that as long as you have block device (including
vnd) to hand to xen, all is well.  So vnd of a file in NFS should work,
and vnd of a file in iscsi, or an iscsi block device should also work.
I would suggest that setting it up to try with your storage setup should
be pretty easy.

One thing that has been trouble in the past and may still be trouble is
vnd with sparse files.

  0. [missing question about reliability]

My group has had 3-4 xen boxes, each with NetBSD dom0, with the oldest
going back to 2005.  It's been highly reliable, with the dom0 typically
being up for on the order of a year until we have grid power issues.
There have been crashes, but less than 1/year/dom0.

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