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Re: default route on other subnet

Quoting Brian Buhrow 30/09/2011 17:08,
        Hello.  Yes, my assumption in that mail was that you're running NetBSD
as your dom0 and that NetBSD was acting as a router/firewall for the subnet
which exists entirely inside the virtual space.  I guess you could do the
same thing with Linux, but I'm not familiar enough with the networking
tools in Linux to say whether it's reliable or easy to manage.  I prefer pf
in NetBSD, but ipfw  or pf in NetBSD should work well and give you months
and maybe even years of reliable service.

Ok Brian, with a NetBSD dom0 there wouldn't be any issue. I could run ipfilter/ipnat or pf from the host or with a guest, the route outside the subnet would probably work in that case.

But I'm using a Linux dom0 for various reasons, I don't really have a choice, which brings that dom0/domU, namely linux/netbsd network issue I'm experiencing.


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