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Re: default route on other subnet

        Ok.  Is it possible to give the NetBSD DomU, under the Linux Dom0 a
public address which attaches to a bridge which connects to the real
ethernet of the Linux external interface?  If so, then you could use pf or
ipfilter on that NetBSD DomU to do  the filtering you want.  Or, perhaps, I
don't understand your problem?

On Sep 30,  5:15pm, Pierre-Philipp Braun wrote:
} Subject: Re: default route on other subnet
} Quoting Brian Buhrow 30/09/2011 17:08,
} >     Hello.  Yes, my assumption in that mail was that you're running NetBSD
} > as your dom0 and that NetBSD was acting as a router/firewall for the subnet
} > which exists entirely inside the virtual space.  I guess you could do the
} > same thing with Linux, but I'm not familiar enough with the networking
} > tools in Linux to say whether it's reliable or easy to manage.  I prefer pf
} > in NetBSD, but ipfw  or pf in NetBSD should work well and give you months
} > and maybe even years of reliable service.
} Ok Brian, with a NetBSD dom0 there wouldn't be any issue.  I could run 
} ipfilter/ipnat or pf from the host or with a guest, the route outside 
} the subnet would probably work in that case.
} But I'm using a Linux dom0 for various reasons, I don't really have a 
} choice, which brings that dom0/domU, namely linux/netbsd network issue 
} I'm experiencing.
} Thanks
>-- End of excerpt from Pierre-Philipp Braun

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