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Re: Xen Clustering and Live Migration with NetBSD Dom0

On 09/16/11 14:36, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>> What options do we have at this moment to build
>> a Xen cluster running NetBSD/Xen ? Does anyone have personal experience
>> with this? If it's not supported is it a target of interest?
> This is being worked on by jym@ in a branch, which should be merged
> to HEAD soon.

Interesting. Noted!

> Note that for live migration you also need some shared storage,
> and this is a separate issue. A SAN will work; I guess using something
> like glusterfs to store disk images would work too, but having a real
> replicated block device would be nice ...

I'm trying to gather hardware to experiment with FreeBSD + hast + ZFS +
istgt (iscsi target) on the storage end.

For this to work, istgt has to support adding new storage without a full
restart (I think it does), and the NetBSD iscsi initiator must be able
to play nicely with istgt (did some preliminary testing the other day,
and netbsd's iscsi_initiator core dumped on connecting to istgt.. didn't
troubleshoot it further).

I think this is an interesting topic to tackle.

Another thing that crossed my mind is how will netbsd (dom0) react to
temporary loss of connection to the storage..

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