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Re: SOLVED: Installing FreeBSD 8 as domU

On 05/31/11 19:12, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> No, you have to leave ioemu for the disk, or the domU won't boot
> (the HVM BIOS uses ioemu to load the kernel).
> You have to remove it for vifs, or the domU kernel will panic

I always leave ,ioemu out on my configs, the domU boots up fine.
Forgive my ignorance, I have seen this 'ioemu' stuff mentioned a lot and
even used it at some point, but never found a good explanation. Would
you elaborate?

Thor, all you need is to compile the XENHVM kernel (for amd64)

For a i386 guest, which works in full pv mode, you do a HVM install and
usual, and then:

 - Compile the right kernel (I think it's also called XENHVM,
look in /usr/src/sys/i386/conf -- it's not GENERIC.
 - Edit your domU conf; you need to use builder='linux', and give the
dom0 the path to the domU kernel just as with NetBSD domUs.

 - You'll want something like extra="vfs.root.mountfrom=ufs:/dev/ad0s1a"
or it will fail to find the root filesystem.

When you succeed, let us know if you have problems with the xn0 interface :)


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