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Re: SOLVED: Installing FreeBSD 8 as domU

From memory on the dom0 you just remove all traces of 'ioemu' from the
config file.

On the domU side, you compile/install a kernel using the XENHVM config file.

I remember the ethernet interfaces change names, but I don't remember
what the new name is, sorry.


On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 10:33 AM, Thor Lancelot Simon <tls%panix.com@localhost> 
> The issue turns out to have been an incompatibility between the Xen
> VNC server code and certain VNC clients.  The VM was running, but once
> sysinstall flipped the screen color to blue, all hell broke loose and the
> VNC client couldn't display.
> Disabling all variants of Hextile encoding on the client side seems to
> fix it all.
> Next question: once I get this system installed, how exactly do I migrate
> it to use the PV drivers?
> Thor

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