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Re: help with Xen 4.1 on -current

On 05/25/11 19:01, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
On 5/23/11 11:52 AM, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
On 5/23/11 7:01 AM, Jeff Rizzo wrote:

... do I perhaps need a newer domU kernel or something for Xen4.1?

For the record, this seems to have been the issue;  I had a 5.1_RC3
kernel, and replacing it with a 5.1_STABLE kernel has allowed the DomU
to boot.


I spoke too soon.  I was actually unable to run any kernel built on the
machine I built my custom kernel on under Xen4;  I've stopped
troubleshooting it for the moment, as Xen4 has also proved quite crashy,
so I rolled back to 3.3, where all my kernels work.

Can you report the Xen 4 crashes to xen-users or xen-devel, please?


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