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help with Xen 4.1 on -current

I don't follow Xen development all that closely, and I've never used it under Linux - so I'm a little lost while trying out Xen 4.1 on my NetBSD 5.99.51 amd64 dom0.

This system was working fine with Xen 3.3 - I have a PV domU config (NetBSD 5.1-ish) that was running, and that I haven't changed the config file, kernel, or anything else.

I have the latest xenkernel41 and xentools41 packages installed. The system boots with the Xen4.1 kernel (although I have to gunzip it to get it to work - I had the same issue with Xen3, though, so that's not new. Bootloader issue, maybe?), and I have the following in rc.conf:


... I copied all the rc files to /etc/rc.d, and removed older versions. It's unclear to me if xend is fully starting, as I see this:

xenserver1:riz  /usr/pkg/etc/xen> ps ax |grep xen
278 ? I 0:00.22 /usr/pkg/sbin/xenstored --pid-file /var/run/xenstored.p
 286 ?     Isl  0:00.01 /usr/pkg/sbin/xenbackendd
 291 ?     I    0:00.00 /usr/pkg/bin/python2.6 /usr/pkg/sbin/xend start
 293 ?     Il   0:00.00 /usr/pkg/sbin/xenconsoled
 303 ?     Il   0:01.19 /usr/pkg/bin/python2.6 /usr/pkg/sbin/xend start

In /var/log/xen/xend-debug.log, I see this (only):

Xend started at Fri May 20 13:16:35 2011.
brctl: not found
brctl: not found
/usr/pkg/lib/python2.6/site-packages/xen/xend/XendAPI.py:551: DeprecationWarning: object.__new__() takes no parameters
  return object.__new__(cls, *args, **kwds)

Things sort-of look ok; but when I try to use 'xm' to start my domU, it *seems* to work, but the domain isn't running - and when I check xend.log, it seems to have crashed:

xenserver1# xm create -c boogers
Using config file "/usr/pkg/etc/xen/boogers".
Started domain boogers (id=3)
                             xenserver1# xm list
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s) Domain-0 0 256 1 r----- 39.7

From xend.log:

[2011-05-20 14:52:35 303] INFO (XendDomain:1225) Domain boogers (3) unpaused. [2011-05-20 14:52:35 303] WARNING (XendDomainInfo:2061) Domain has crashed: name
=boogers id=3.
[2011-05-20 14:52:35 303] ERROR (XendDomainInfo:2195) VM boogers restarting too
fast (Elapsed time: 0.790479 seconds). Refusing to restart to avoid loops.

...any ideas?


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