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Re: FreeBSD HVM+PV boot hangs with phy: run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 60 seconds for xenbusb_nop_confighook_cb

On 05/23/11 00:31, Mike C. wrote:
> I just tested this successfully with LVM and using block device (disk
> = [ 'phy:/dev/mapper/vgXen-lv01,xvda,w' ]).
> Thanks for the fix ;)
> On 05/20/11 18:13, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>> This problem should now be fixed in xentools33 and 41 (I've
>> successfully booted a FreeBSD HVMPV kernel with phy:/dev/vnd0d). I
>> also integrated haad@'s patch to properly get the partition size.

Good stuff. I'll test this myself ASAP.

Thank you Manuel for your prompt response and for fixing the issue so
swiftly. Your help and expertise is greatly appreciated :)



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