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Re: Hypervisor Crash, xen4.1

On 05/22/11 20:47, Sean Bruno wrote:
On Thu, 2011-05-19 at 19:58 -0700, Christoph Egger wrote:
On 20.05.11 02:15, Sean Bruno wrote:
Playing around with freebsd non-Xen kernels in hvm mode on the new
hypervisor.  I keep getting some gruesome crashes on it that look like



Please report xen bugs on xen-devel.


Well, I've been completely unable to post to this list.  I seem to be
subscribed to it, but I can not figure out what is required to actually
post to it.

So, if someone could please "proxy post" this message for me, I'd
appreciate it.


You got this answer:

Do a debug=y build of Xen so that the backtraces are accurate. Also if you know how and the crash in notify_via_xen_event_channel comes up often, worth adding some tracing in there to see which pointer dereference is bad. (Or you could point me at your xen-syms file associated with your new backtraces.)

 -- Keir


The xen-debug.gz got build with debug=y.

At the top you have this line:

(XEN) RIP: e008:[<ffff82c4801057a9>] notify_via_xen_event_channel+0x5f/0x91

The value in the square brackets may be different with a xen-debug.gz then.

Run a build of your xenkernel41 package but do not run a make clean.
Then beneath the work directory you find the xen-syms file.
There you can do:

gdb xen-syms
(gdb) list *(0x<value in square brackets>)

The output of gdb is what Keir is interested in additionally to the
complete xen kernel crash output.


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