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Re: NetBSD in kvm?

A week ago, Christoph Egger wrote:
> > On 31.10.2010 16:54, Jens Rehsack wrote:
> > > does anyone know whether NetBSD runs paravirtualized as a kvm guest
> Unfortunately not. The SeaBIOS has a bug which causes NetBSD
> to not find any PCI devices.

Right - that's PR 38729 (and 42681).

> (Since vga0 attaches on pci it stops booting with
> 'no console found')

Not if you use a serial console.  Your virtual network adapter choices
will be rather limited, though; ne2k_isa is probably the best bet.

The PCI issue of PR 38729 has been worked around in -current since CVS
date 2009., but a different problem appeared on
2009. that causes the kernel to hang during boot under
kvm - I just filed PR 44069 about that.  Versions from between those
dates might even work :)
Andreas Gustafsson, gson%gson.org@localhost

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