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Re: A bunch of questions about getting a working NetBSD/xen system

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010, Greg Troxel wrote:
Steven Bellovin <smb%cs.columbia.edu@localhost> writes:

I've thought about running a Linux DOM0 and NetBSD DOMUs, but
mainstream Linux seems to be abandoning Xen, so I'd have to run a back

Wow, that's interesting.  Does that imply that mainstream Xen is looking
more at NetBSD, or is it just that "distros" no longer have Xen support?
What does this mean for the future of Xen?

'Mainstream Xen' is a slightly confusing term when it's owned by Citrix.
XenServer (their commercial version, though the entry version is free) supports all the major Linux distros. These are run as HVM guests IIRC, but kernels with PV drivers are included.

I'm not sure exactly what differences there are in the hypervisor interface between the open-source and XenServer versions, i.e. could a XenServer-provided Linux kernel work on an open-source dom0?

I'd like to get two opposite things solved:
1 - PV drivers in NetBSD x86 so that NetBSD as an HVM guest on XenServers runs well (think high availability NetBSD servers). 2 - GPL PV drivers working with NetBSD dom0, so that Windows HVM domUs have PV drivers for network and disk, plus can be shutdown cleanly.


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