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Re: I/O errors in Linux domUs

> > While ls would show me an image of 1GB, du only gives me about
> > 250MB. I'll have to make a copy that isn't sparse on a Linux system
> > somewhere, I suppose.
> It's fairly easy to de-sparse a file with dd:
> dd conv=notrunc if=the-file of=the-file bs=some-size
> I usually use bs=1048576, but that's noncritical - you don't want it
> too small or you waste time crossing the user/kernel boundary; you
> don't want it too large or you need lots of buffer RAM.  (Of course,
> if you have way more RAM than the file's size, go ahead and crank it
> up. :)

Just after I had sent off the email, I realised that Manuel never
claimed that NetBSD had a problem with the sparse file but only the vnd
device. In other words, copying a file locally without ensuring that it
will be kept sparse does the trick already. My domUs now work like a
charm. :)

Thanks again for all the help from this mailing list. I would not have
made it this far without all the answers I got here. :)


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