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Re: MI Xen drivers

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
xen/include/xen.h is used for both xen2 and xen3, so you'd have to use
#ifdef there. In addition I don't expect to have to import new Xen2 headers :)

New proposal, XEN2/3_DOM0 builds fine with it:

please also test _DOMU, not all code is inclued in DOM0 (especially not the


I'm not sure why you don't get duplicate define warnings on Xen3 with
the #define in include/xen.h ...

Should be? Defines are similar, maybe preprocessor does not consider it as a duplicate?

New one, this time with Xen2 header modified:


I don't get any sort of warning for XEN2_DOM0/U or XEN3_DOM0/U during compilation. Boots fine also.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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