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Re: [domU suspend/resume] Interrupts and event channel code

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
Which basically removes the handler for xenstored wakeup() calls, in case xenbus_irq() != 0. Any code path I am not aware of, which manipulates the xenstored handler and xenbus_irq before xenbus attach? From my PoV, the event_remove_handler() will never be called here.
I think it's related to suspend/resume, precisely. When xb_init_comms()
is called again after a resume, the event channel may have changed, so
you have to remove the old one before setting up a new one.
Maybe on NetBSD it can be done in a different way.
BTW, shouldn't the handler removal operation rather be part of a _detach() routine for xenbus?
For suspend/resume you don't want to detach/reattach xenbus, because it'd
also means to detach/reattach the child devices.
Huh, I just noticed I was not clear on this point.

We have two possibilities here (as there are many parts elsewhere, like console, where we can do with two different ways): 1 - either check upon resuming that the event channels/parameters have changed, and update the values accordingly (done in the resume handler code) 2 - or invalidate them when calling suspend handlers, and reinstate them upon resume.

Option 2 looks cleaner to me. It would make sense to invalidate events associated to comms between dom0 and domUs at the same time (especially when we are detaching wd* block devices, for example).

Jean-Yves Migeon

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