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Re: Xen News

Greg Troxel wrote:
Christoph Egger <Christoph_Egger%gmx.de@localhost> writes:

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 09:28:45AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
Christoph Egger <Christoph_Egger%gmx.de@localhost> writes:

XenSource removed the support for powerpc and support for 32bit non-PAE.

Xen 3.3 will come without powerpc support and
x86 32bit hypervisor with PAE only.
So it seems we should be maintaining 3.2 xenkernel/xentools in pkgsrc
for quite some time, as NetBSD 3 and NetBSD 4 domUs can't handle PAE.
And also because some system without the PAE extentions can run Xen
just fine.
Can you give some example, please? Those systems without PAE I know
are i586 class. Xen still requires i686 class.

I think what he meant is that one can run xen on NetBSD 3 and NetBSD 4,
and that these dom0 kernels do not support PAE, even if the hardware has

Yes, but the majority use Linux as Dom0 and not NetBSD.

I'd like to keep these supported if it doesn't cost us too
The main reason for removing non-PAE support is the fact that 4GB RAM
are not really much in the virtualization world. Most Xen
developers/users on xen-devel/xen-users have machines with 8 and 16GB

4GB being not enough RAM for some people is a good reason to have PAE
support, not to remove non-PAE support.  Removing non-PAE support makes
it impossible to run NetBSD as a dom0 with a released version of the
operating system.

Ask Citrix/XenSource. Do you think they care about our NetBSD-specific

They just started to think about pushing FreeBSD a _little_ since it is
visible on many Webhosters.

> So that's really only a good move if the pain of
maintaining non-PAE support is large compared to the benefit of people
being able to experiment with Xen with release kernels.

It is. It is not about simplifying the code, it is about reducing the
test matrix. Consider, everyone tests with a certain set of guests and
everything three times: Xen and Dom0 as 32bit, 32bit PAE and 64bit.

Removing non-PAE support reduced the test-matrix by 1/3rd.
That saves a lot of work.
Given the little interest in non-PAE support, this step makes sense.


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