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[domU suspend/resume] Interrupts and event channel code

Hi list,

Questions today relate to interrupt/event code for xenbus (arch/xen/xenbus/xenbus_*.c files).

There are parts in the interrupt code that tests whether an interrupt is "installed" (== has an event associated to it) for xenbus/xenstore access by looking at the value of the start_info.store_evtchn element, against 0. It concerns dom0 code (see xenbus_attach() code, with DOM0OPS) and domU (when testing xenbus_irq variable).

- a value of 0 is considered invalid for an event channel? I read that the ports were indexed from 0 to 255 (or 511, for x86_64; with XEN3). - what is the purpose of the xenbus_irq variable, found in arch/xen/xenbus/xenbus_comms.c? Basically, it is initialized (at compilation) to 0, and contains later the same value as xen_start_info.store_evtchn variable. Upon xenbus initialization during attach, xenbus_irq is checked that way (line 224):

       if (xenbus_irq)
               event_remove_handler(xenbus_irq, wake_waiting, NULL);

Which basically removes the handler for xenstored wakeup() calls, in case xenbus_irq() != 0. Any code path I am not aware of, which manipulates the xenstored handler and xenbus_irq before xenbus attach? From my PoV, the event_remove_handler() will never be called here.

BTW, shouldn't the handler removal operation rather be part of a _detach() routine for xenbus?

Lastly, arch/xen/xenbus/xenbus_probe.c, in xenbus_probe_init(). This function is called through a kthread_create(), but returns without using kthread_exit() in case we are booting a dom0 wtih a kernel not compiled with DOM0OPS option. For such a case, what would be the kthread_exit() value to use as parameter? Man page for kthread states that the func must never return, but use kthread_exit() to terminate properly.

Thanks for your patience, and answers :)


Jean-Yves Migeon

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