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Re: Xen Issues with 4.0

On 2008-01-13 11:59 +0100 (Sun), Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> This may be an ACPI issue. Did you try disabling acpi ? You need to
> do it at both the xen level (acpi=off on the xen.gz line in grub), and
> NetBSD kernel (disable acpi after boot -c)

Actually, it turned out to be a "no acpi" issue, from the looks of it,
at least for the Celeron box. I'd re-used an old grub menu.lst that had
a bunch of stuff turned off. We've now got xen3 and a dom0 running fine.
Starting up a domU turns out to be a bit tricky, but at this point I
think we just have to work through the configuration issues.

Thanks for the hint to look at that.

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