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Re: Xen Issues with 4.0

So I seem to be making some small amount of progress on the AMD x64 box.
Booting it with "noapic acpi=off nosmp", booting NetBSD with "-c" and
doing a "disable acpi" in userconfig before gets me going single-user.
However, it's agonizingly slow, at least for disk I/O.

I'm currently using Xen 3.1 on this machine; I'm wondering if I
shouldn't be trying out Xen 3.2 RC6. Does anybody have a kernel for this
kicking around that I could download somewhere?

Curt Sampson       <cjs%starling-software.com@localhost>        +81 90 7737 
Mobile sites and software consulting: http://www.starling-software.com

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