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Re: Toolchain and NetBSD 8

On 2017-06-14 10:22, John Klos wrote:
You know that we haven't been able to build native in years? Maybe not in about 10 years... I have tested from time to time, without success. Most others seem to not have tried in eons.

If you're talking about compiling NetBSD itself on VAX, you're right. I've seen amd64 systems take more than a gig of memory to just finish linking a kernel.

Oh, it's not even memory problems. Most of the time, gcc itself, or other components have been crashing when trying to build. Building the kernel, and all of userland, seems to be able to trigger code paths in gcc, lint, and other tools, that few other things ever get into.

And in addition to that, gcc is emitting some code that is just wrong. The bitfield stuff just fixed is an example of such problems, but I suspect there are more...

On the other hand, I'm talking about the ability to compile pkgsrc software for VAX on VAX. That worked decently in NetBSD-6, but not since, although I'll be looking forward to trying the latest -current.

Which is good.
But try to just run a build.sh build, and see if you get all the way through. And also try building a kernel.


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